U6 Soccer

September 7 – October 7

Games/Practices will be every Tuesday and Thursday 6-7p.m.

Children ages 4-6 are invited to play in the U6 league.

Players will be assigned to teams and team shirts will be passed out September 7. Please make any team requests during registrations and we will do our best to accommodate, however there are no guarantees.

Each Tuesday and Thursday the league will begin with a 10 minute themed practice followed by a game with four 8-minute quarters.

This league counts on volunteer coaches for success. Please let us know if you are able to help!


Member: $30
Non Member: $60

Fall 2021 U6 Schedule

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Rules of Play

  • Players will play 5 v 5 with no goalie
  • The game will be divided into 8 minute quarters or the time allotted to get players all equal playing time.
  • There will be water breaks in between quarters
  • Fouls will be called on dangerous tripping, pushing/shoving and the referees/coaches will help restart and reset the players.
  • Throw-ins will occur when the ball goes out of bounds.  To encourage footskills and dribbling, there will be occasions where the ref will allow the players the chance to redirect the ball back into the field of play without stopping.  Therefore the players will play until they hear the whistle.

Summer Heat Advisory Policy at BFR

Outdoor youth programs will be cancelled (and rescheduled) in the case of dangerous or extremely dangerous weather conditions.  The NOAA National Weather Service Heat Index will be used to determine these conditions.  The Heat Index combines air temperature with humidity levels.

Determination of predicted heat index will be made by 4pm on the program day for evening events. We will inform you by text messages and facebook.

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